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I have been selling commercial properties & business since 2008 with my speciality being service stations. Before becoming a broker for 20 years, I operated multiple service stations from metropolitan to regional areas with different types of operations, for example, large truckstops, depot fronts and service stations with multinational tenants like McDonald’s. I worked for a BP and Caltex distributor and had the experience of working under these two major oil companies branding and franchise requirements. I also worked for Neumann Petroleum being their retail /business development manager to their service station network. Neumann Petroleum purchased Matilda which in turn was sold to Puma Energy.

My extensive background in this industry (retail and wholesale) gives me the knowledge and experience that no other broker in Australia can provide.

It is also important for an agent selling a service station to understand the environmental requirements and keep abreast of industry changes.

I am not limited to selling service stations have sold mechanical workshops and car washes. It doesn’t matter what business you are selling as long as you can read and understand the accounts of any business. This is essential be able to sell any business.

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